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December 8, 2022
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Making Big Moves: Pushing Boundaries and Exceeding Limits

Stagnation is the enemy of success. If you find yourself effortlessly coasting through your work, it’s time to aim for new heights. As a top producer, you’re not intimidated by change or challenge, and with a solid plan and the right connections, you’re ready to redefine the measure of mortgage industry success.

Think BIG

When you’re used to achieving big things, it’s not in your nature to think small. But while there’s no such thing as aiming too high, some big goals can be too broad. Start by defining where you want to go from here. Then, break your next big achievement into specific steps with measurable results guaranteed to add points to your high score.

Too many people mistake getting specific for thinking small, but every big achievement is marked by the sequence of steps that made it possible. The difference between big and small thinking is not how often you pause to measure progress. It’s the expertise to know hard numbers work in your favor and inform your approach as you continue to strive for more and better.

When you’ve reached the point in your career where “enough” is no longer enough, avoid stagnation by aiming higher than ever before, AND guarantee your success with clearly defined achievement metrics.

Push boundaries

Once you have your next big thing in mind, your first step is to identify your obstacles. What stands between you and the next-level success you want? For mortgage industry top producers, the answer is frequently a stagnant corporate partnership. If your current situation isn’t conducive to the success you’re looking to achieve, eliminate boundaries with these three steps:

  1. Evaluate your situation. Are you being supported or restricted? How is your corporate partner failing you? What do you need to achieve your goals? Is your current partner willing and able to help you level up?
  2. Plan to exceed limits. Apply what you learned in your evaluation to create your strategy. Engage with a talent agent to valuate your book of business, survey your options, and find the best situation to support your next-level achievement.
  3. Execute in full. Giving up is not in your nature. Every good plan has room for adjustment, but lack of commitment is a euphemism for impending failure. And failure is not an option.

Exceed limits

Limits are a lie — poor excuses others give themselves for low achievement.

Thinking big is one thing. Achieving big things is where the rubber meets the road, and you can’t afford to bow out of the race because your support team doesn’t have the resources — or the vision — to share in your victory.

Top producers don’t have to settle. Stay engaged with your work and reap the rewards you deserve by pushing yourself to new heights. Stagnation is the enemy of success, but the only limit on YOUR success is YOUR commitment. If your numbers aren’t well known, share them. If your corporate support is insufficient, ask for more. If your needs aren’t met, move on, and if you don’t have the right connections, make them.

Start by engaging a talent agent who understands and values your big goals AND has the industry connections to help you achieve your highest level of success.

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