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January 4, 2022
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February 15, 2022

Show Me the Money: Are You Netting Your Worth?

Recruiting, or headhunting, is a practice as old as business itself. Competition has historically fueled some questionable business practices, and while headhunting ranks relatively low on the shady scale, it’s not unheard of for recruiters to employ deceptive tactics to secure their own payday at the expense of yours. Real talent doesn’t have time to field cold calls or entertain empty flattery.

In the mortgage lending sector, high-octane talent is an industry driver. Finetuning your professional potential demands precision, expertise, and a commitment to your satisfaction. Your talent deserves real representation that will help you navigate the quickest route to maximum success — and keep you in the driver’s seat.

The agency difference

Business professionals typically dodge recruiters until and unless they are seeking a new position. Headhunters use cold calls to seek — and occasionally stoke — a hint of dissatisfaction from talented producers whose experience matches the job description of the vacancy they’re contracted to fill. No matter how they represent themselves, most recruiters aren’t personally invested, or particularly interested, in the talent’s ultimate satisfaction. They’re playing Go Fish and trying to sneak a peek at your cards.

A talent agency is talent focused. Your agent is interested, first and foremost, in what matters most to you. They want to understand your goals, priorities, what you value in your present position, and what you feel is missing. An agent is both personally and professionally attuned to what works best for you. For top-performing talent, the agency difference is an honest assessment of your current career trajectory and future professional prospects. And it’s only when they know you, and fully comprehend your wants and needs, that an experienced talent agent will leverage their network to help you make your best, most strategic move.

Real representation is a long-term professional relationship, consistent negotiating power, and an authentic, personal investment in your future success. You won’t fall off your agent’s radar the minute you accept or refuse an offer. An agent will keep up with you and your career and stand ready to help when and if you’re ready for change.

Know your value

Netting your worth means knowing your value and leveraging its power to maximum effect. Top performers in niche markets like mortgage origination enjoy a unique negotiating position. The nexus point of the value top producers have to offer and what companies will offer to leverage that talent changes when an industry expert advocates on the talent’s behalf. Your professional experience and specialized skill set combine with your agent’s market expertise — and their thorough understanding of your priorities — to create a negotiating team designed to recognize your value and maximize your net worth.

Mortgage industry forecasts predict COVID-19 will continue to have an effect, but the market remains strong. And the strength of the market is yet another indicator of the power of your professional value. Every business sector is subject to pandemic-related talent shortages, and that works to top talent’s advantage. “Show me the money” is only the beginning of your negotiating strategy in the current job market. From virtual work options to extended vacation time, everything is on the table. Now is the time to reevaluate your work and life goals in detail, and ask for what you want to fulfill your vision of success.

Representation is power

Don’t get distracted by empty flattery and the same old games from standard recruiters. As a top producer, you set the industry standard, and agency representation is your game-changer. There is power in partnering with an agent who recognizes your worth and understands your values.

Experience the agency difference you’ve earned at veritysearch.com.

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