Executive Talent Solutions

Locating and matching talent to team is as much art as science.

Our clients drive innovation and progress, and range from startup to scale up, to well established brands. We work closely with clients to develop a hiring strategy that ensures the perfect fit.

Verity's actions demonstrate a long-term vested interest in the success of their clients rather than short-term monetary gains that you see from less vested firms.

- K.P., Irvine, CA


Executive Placement Requires Precision

There's no room for error when filling an executive role. While there's a need to be swift, getting it wrong could have long-term negative impact that resonates throughout the company.

Only our intensive approach can uncover dream candidates you never knew existed. This is how we deliver the top performers, the game changers, and the visionaries that will step in and make a difference.



We deliver the leadership that builds amazing companies.

We conduct our Executive Search from coast to coast. Our decades of experience hard-wires us into senior executive talent.

Our clients rely on our access to top talent for hard-to-fill leadership roles.

We specialize in recruiting staff level to C-level executives to fill any role.

We also help in succession planning for C-level executives to ensure business continuity. And, we can place interim executives for an unplanned event.



Are you part of the Verity network?

The best opportunities happen when you're not looking. Even if you're content in your current role there's no harm reviewing a new one.

We can't know if you or someone you know is a perfect fit for a role if we haven't met. And, many of our searches are conducted confidentially and are not published.

Reach out so we get to know you and stay in touch.

The Verity Experience

Feedback From Our Clients

  • Verity's actions demonstrate a long-term vested interest in the success of their clients rather than short-term monetary gains that you see from less vested firms.  Verity builds relationships with its candidates. This works well for both clients and candidates. Verity was the first search firm I’ve used here. I’m highly resistant to outsourcing our talent sourcing, but their approach is what changed my perception. Communication was ongoing and consistent, and the level of engagement and authentic care of a successful placement was surprisingly high level!

    - K.P., Irvine, CA

  • Over the years Verity has placed me in a few different situations, each time elevating my career exponentially.  Their approach is consultative and methodical. There is no sales pitch or high-pressure tactics.  The diverse nature and quality of lenders that Verity Search has in its portfolio coupled the teamss approach and professionalism make Verity the leader it is today.

    - G.D., Boston, MA

  • We typically do not go to an outside firm when it comes to recruiting, however, we shifted that focus since being introduced to Verity. This was especially critical during the 2020 hiring frenzy.  I’ve personally know Jim Boghos, for a number of years, and aside from running an outstanding firm, he is an incredible human being which translates into the culture and care they take while sourcing new candidates.  Their agency has and will be instrumental as we work through an ever-changing business.  Thank you Verity team!

    -J.S., Irvine, CA

  • Jim and Verity Search have been trusted business partners with me for over 20 years at multiple companies. Headhunters are plentiful in this industry and I’ve been lucky to snare one of the best to be on my team.  I’ve landed some of the best talent thanks to Jim and his team’s help.  What distinguishes Jim from the other headhunters is that he devotes whatever time is necessary to learn and understand our business before he sends over a candidate.  That way he can make sure we’re both a fit for each other because he cares equally for the folks that he’s placing.  Of course, our teams have worked together so long that it’s no longer as time-consuming for him, but he’s always in touch with my people.  Most importantly, of course, Jim is a trusted friend and that’s what’s most important to me.  More than anything, I can always count on Jim’s humanity and integrity.

    - S.A., Irvine, CA

  • Jim and his team helped place me at my current company a little over six months ago. I’m extremely pleased with my new company and the way they treat their staff! Throughout the job search, Jim and his team guided me to companies that met my search criteria and all were top-quality employers. Each time I had an interview, it was extremely easy to stand out as Jim and crew were so well respected by each firm that it gave me instant credibility and the ability to shine. Jim provided great feedback along the way and even negotiated a higher salary. I couldn’t recommend Jim enough to anyone interested in looking to make a change in employers. He’s easy to work with, professional, and comes with decades of experience placing professionals. You can trust Jim only works with the best firms and will guide you to make the right decision for you and your family.

    - K.S., Phoenix, AZ

  • Jim has been critical in helping our company grow its senior management and sales teams with candidates that fit our needs and are successful in their role.

    - S.S., Irvine, CA

  • Having worked with Jim directly, I found him to be a fantastic listener with a great deal of patience and understanding. Jim takes pride in getting to know you as he's building a relationship to better understand your professional goals. Jim and the entire Verity team look out for your best interest while connecting you with his amazing network.

    - B.D., Dallas, TX  

  • I approached Jim to discuss looking for a new role and getting his advice.  He could have easily suggested that I use his service but instead, he gave great advice to stay where I was and consider other factors.  Jim prevented me from making a hasty decision.

    - K.Q., Orlando, FL

  • I have used many executive search firms, however, Verity with Jim and Jeff are the very best.  Not only do they provide timely results, but they also pre-screen deeply while working with the candidates as a trusted career consultant, not just a recruiter.  The fine balance between representing our search need with the candidate’s career path is not easy yet Verity gives confidence to each party ensuring long-term success.

    L.B. Raleigh, NC

  • I have worked with a lot of recruiters and Jim and Deron are top-notch professionals. They keep it simple and focus on execution. They listen carefully to understand my specific needs and then methodically deliver candidates that meet my criteria.

    A.T., Houston, TX

  • I have personally known and worked with Jim and his firm for over 20 years.  On a nationwide basis, Jim has been critical in helping our company grow its senior management and sales teams via his recruiting efforts.  The process of working with Verity has always been professional for both our recruits and new hires resulting is candidates that fit our needs and successful at their role.  Post the new hire process, Jim has stayed in touch and followed-up to make sure both sides are satisfied and happy.  I would highly recommend Jim to anyone looking for help in recruiting all levels of a mortgage banking organization.

    - S.S., Irvine, CA