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Eat What You Kill: Securing Your Share of the Success You Deliver

When you’re driven to succeed, others will benefit from your rightful rewards. As a top producer in the mortgage industry, you drive deals for which you only receive a portion of the profit you make for your corporate partner. Does the size of your share reflect your achievement? Or is someone else raking in the lion’s share of your rewards?

Securing the lion’s share for the lion is the foundation of an “eat what you kill” success philosophy.

Note your worth

You already know your worth, but how do you know you’re getting what you deserve?

The most important weapon in your arsenal is information. Knowledge is power, so make it a point to understand the value of your contribution to every deal. If it couldn’t have succeeded without you, if your contribution sealed the deal, or you prevented a fatal error, make a note.

Now, compare your workload and payoff to others involved. Did someone else’s contribution make a significant difference? How does their work/pay ratio compare to yours? You might find others taking full credit for your contributions and receiving rewards that are rightfully yours. If you find an imbalance in the numbers, make a note.

How often do your efforts define the difference between success and failure? Are you the one on call when things aren’t going well? If you find your efforts routinely turning potential failure into rousing success, make a note.

These notes are your ammunition at the negotiation table. Use them right, and you’ll get what you deserve.

Lion’s share to the lion

It’s a simple but powerful idea: The one who contributes the most enjoys the biggest share of the success. Whether the lion’s share includes credit, promotion, or compensation, it should go to the one who led — or carried — the rest of the team to victory.

You may have a different idea of the best reward than your corporate partner, or even someone else in your position. Decide what you deserve, commit to it, and don’t back down until you get it.

And if your current situation still refuses to provide what you need to succeed, it may be time to move on.

Survey the field

You can’t afford to trap yourself in a position that doesn’t reward you what you’re due. Your corporate partner achieves their goals by helping you achieve yours. If your current partnership can’t or won’t provide the support you need, and the compensation you’ve earned, it’s time to review your options.

Don’t get trapped in a position with no prospects, and don’t allow your efforts to go overlooked or unrewarded. When a corporate partner doesn’t recognize what you deserve, they don’t deserve you.

With the right partner, your partnership agreement will reflect the idea of rewards in return for, and in alignment with, effort. Take your talents where your effort is well recognized and rewarded accordingly.

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