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April 7, 2022
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Winning the Talent Wars: Chaos As Opportunity

Everyone is sick of hearing and talking about the pandemic, but it was a period of revelation for the job market. Top-tier mortgage producers aren’t job applicants, but they aren’t immune from the effects of the Great Resignation or the resulting Talent Wars. The mortgage industry is still racking up historic sales numbers, but it doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It’s a transition-rich period, and for top producers who play it right, it’s a chance to change the game in your favor.


The Great Resignation is another media darling that’s been done to death, but the Talent Wars are a different story. Employers in every sector are competing for every type of talent, which raises some interesting opportunities for top-tier mortgage producers.

As business and industry learn to value every employee, the value of top producers increases exponentially. Decades of working the same way — as defined by the higher-ups — were steamrolled by a sudden, long-delayed epiphany about the productivity effects of working in new ways. Working from home was once considered a high-risk proposition. Now, big business is recognizing flexible work options as both feasible and beneficial, and working from home is just the tip of the iceberg.

When you’re producing at the highest level, you call the shots. If the current market has you reevaluating your options — or raising your expectations — it’s time to adjust your game plan. You can join in the Great Resignation or capitalize on the chaos of the Talent Wars. The ball is in your court.

Some factors to consider when planning your next play:

  • Compare your actuals to your goals. How far off are you?
  • Are you supported to the extent you want to keep performing at the highest level?
  • Is your professional/personal balance sustainable for your long-term goals?
  • Is your compensation package what it needs to be?
  • Is your company transparent about all the margin or just what you see?
  • Are there non-financial items on your wants/needs list?
  • Can your needs be met in your current situation?


The Talent Wars are a direct result of the Great Resignation, and it’s a seller’s market in more ways than one. While participants in the Great Resignation take advantage of higher salaries, work from home freedom, or selling in a hot real estate market, they inform mortgage industry trends. Their numbers drive your numbers. And with the boost to your already astronomical numbers, you can negotiate new terms with additional leverage.

Knowing your value is key, but so is understanding the quickly shifting business landscape. Pre-pandemic recruiting practices are history. In the time of Talent Wars and newly savvy job seekers, the talent makes the rules — and you’re not just any talent. As a top-tier producer in a highly competitive industry, you’re playing in a whole different league.


You’ve weathered rapid market shifts, economic uncertainty, and the Great Resignation. The Talent Wars, coupled with a blazing real estate market, can feel chaotic. But as a top producer, you’ve never been meek. You know to be on the lookout for your next big opportunity — and capitalizing on chaos is the bold move.

With your record, you can partner with a talent agent whose only priority is you. Your talent agent will provide a valuation of your book of business and represent you in negotiations with companies who understand your success as key to theirs. You and your agent will forge a relationship based on mutual trust, industry expertise, and your professional wants and needs. The Talent Wars give you room to get creative and take your career to the next level — and a talent agent is poised to help you make it happen.

Partner with an agent who will prioritize your needs, guide you through valuation, and get you where you want to be. If your current situation doesn’t support success on your terms, career growth opportunities will be limited. Know your value and maximize your leverage with the agency difference you deserve.

Learn more at veritysearch.com.

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