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March 3, 2022
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April 21, 2022

Leveling Up: Star Treatment for Star Players

You have skillfully guided your company through the gauntlet of the past two years. From sudden shutdowns to subsequent uncertain markets and the so-called “Great Resignation,” you’ve conquered it all, and you’re still standing strong.

Leadership has its privileges, and you’d be well within your rights to take a moment to rest on your laurels. But you know better. You didn’t get where you are by breathing easy. Capitalize on your success — and give your top talent what they need to take your whole company to the next level.

MVPs deserve the best

“Company culture” is getting a lot of buzz in recent business news, but it’s philosophy of prioritizing the group over individuals doesn’t apply to highly competitive fields. In the mortgage industry, the play book is about winning big, and you do that by prioritizing your star players. It’s not about playing favorites — or playing at recognition. Your big winners drive your company’s performance, and everyone reaps the rewards when your MVPs have what they need to succeed.

To play in the big leagues, put your top producers first, and if your bench is looking shallow, it’s draft season.

Check your roster

When your company is ready to level up, take a hard look at your current team first. If you have an eager player willing to put in the work, or a standout or two consistently leading the pack, your MVP may already be within your ranks. Most MVPs won’t wait for an open invitation to distinguish themselves. Star players are easily recognized. It’s the company’s job to make sure they’re rewarded in accordance with their value. If you’re not willing to give your MVP their due, another company will.

Like a coach assembling a team designed to win, give your star players the attention and resources they deserve, and if your roster is still missing something, make room in your budget for the right fit.

Finding the right fit

Recognizing potential and talent is a skill — as is recruiting. In-house recruiters are familiar with your team and company needs. But they don’t have the long-standing professional relationships necessary to find the right fit for your business and negotiate the terms to keep your new star player happy and bringing in the big wins. For that, you need mortgage industry experience and knowledge — someone who knows the game, and its players, inside and out. In a talent market where the talent makes the rules, a talent agent helps your company find the right match to maximize your return on investment.

Rolling out the red carpet

Whether you have your all-stars in place or a freshly signed MVP to lead your team to victory, keeping them in the game comes down to keeping them happy. Team spirit and collaboration have their place, but reserve the star treatment for the players who earn it. Show your top producers they’re your priority by:

  • Offering top compensation.
  • Recognizing and rewarding them for exceeding goals.
  • Empowering your MVPs to change the game.
  • Including them in the game plan.
  • Offering non-financial incentives and benefits.
  • Providing whatever they need to succeed.

The mortgage industry is a whole different ball game. Success is defined by your top producers, and it’s up to leadership to recognize their role and give them the gold-star treatment. They’re essentially running their own business within yours, and you’d hate for them to take their business elsewhere. Give the rest of your team a goal to aspire to, treat MVPs like the essential element they are, and watch their success translate into yours.

Getting to the next level requires a paradigm shift — and a talent search. To change your company’s game, pick a partner who understands the mortgage industry and knows the right players for your field. When you’re looking to level up, it’s not enough to fill a spot on the roster. You need an MVP.

At Verity, we recognize top talent and specialize in matching them with the right team. Get ready to match their talent with your offer, and remember, what’s good for your MVPs is good for your entire operation.

Experience the agency difference for yourself — and find your next MVP — at veritysearch.com.

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