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March 1, 2022
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April 7, 2022

You CAN Take It With You: Capitalizing on Your Top-Producing Team

Authors, actors, athletes — whatever the industry, the big names have one big thing in common: representation. When you have a name, a record of superior performance, and a reputation for professional excellence, you’ve earned the right to an agent equal to your talent. When you’re ready to make a move, or evaluate your options, you deserve the best: maximum earning potential, a powerhouse talent agent, and your team — on your terms.

As a top producer in the mortgage industry, you breathe rarefied air. And if you’ve built a top-producing team, you’re in a unique position to take your business within a business as far as you want to go. Think about what you want — whatever you want — from your career. Will your current position get you there? What will it take for you and your team to reach the level of success you’re working to achieve?

First, you’ve got to own it.

Owning it

When you’re a top producer, you’ve got a set of skills you’ve honed over the course of your career. Team building is yet another skill you’ve added to your professional arsenal, and it’s no small feat. As leader of a top-producing team, you:

  • Recognize and cultivate compatible talent.
  • Coach team members individually and as a group.
  • Share your proven strategies and secrets to success.
  • Supervise and direct team activity.
  • Identify and correct mistakes.
  • Maximize team productivity.
  • Define professional excellence.

Ask yourself this question: Do you call the plays?

Yes? Own it.

Your team is your business

Your team creates value, and your time and energy created your team. You’ve set goals together and collaborated to meet and exceed them. With your leadership, your team offers exemplary service and speed, consistently closes high-dollar deals quickly, and delivers what your clients have learned to expect.

So, when you’ve gone as far as you can in your current position, and capitalizing on your record and skill means making a move, will your team be the thing that holds you back, or the extra leverage that takes all of you to the top?

You built it. It’s your business, and if you understand its value, you CAN take it with you.

Merger and acquisition

This is not a simple job search. When you play at this level, it’s all about M&A.

The first step is a thorough valuation of the business you’ve built. This is where all your hard work comes down to the numbers. Just like a top athlete’s stats, a top producer’s performance record is a statement of value. Enhance your record with that of your top-producing team, add your existing book of business, and your potential M&A value increases exponentially.

When your effort results in something more than a team — when you’ve got a business within a business and a brand all your own — taking your team with you is a continuity move that changes the game for all of you.

Call the play

Your talent, and the team you’ve built with it, puts you in a powerful negotiating stance. Optimize your potential with the right representation. At Verity, your talent agent takes the time to get to know you, your team, the business you’ve created, and what you want next on your path to meeting and exceeding your professional goals.

Verity has spent years developing high-level industry relationships. We know the playing field better than any headhunter, and unlike your common recruiter, we work to secure your interests. Start with a confidential consultation and thorough valuation of your M&A prospects, and receive an honest assessment that values your success over a recruiter’s commission.

Your agent is your advocate. If a change is the right move, an agent will find it and remain by your side until the deal is done. And if it’s not the right time, your Verity agent will give you an honest assessment, stay in touch with you and your needs, and be ready when the time comes. Honesty is how relationships are built, and relationships are how Verity works.

Experience the agency difference for yourself — and your team — at

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